Polished Concrete: No Coatings, Easy Maintainance, Industrial Flooring Solution

Polished Concrete in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey

Polished Concrete has proven to be a viable solution within commercial and industrial facilities. Its easy maintenance and durability fulfill the needs and expectations of any industrial environment. Penncoat, Inc has the experience, tools and knowledge to install a high-performance, polished concrete floor that will help improve the performance of each facility in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware.

Our Flooring System include:

Simple Maintenance

Polished concrete is easy to maintain. Its smooth and impervious surface makes cleaning simple and requires minimal upkeep to sustain its durability.

Improved Light Reflection

Polished concrete offers a strong luster with its finish. The luster reflects lighting in plants and facilities, helping to improve the overall lighting within the plant.

Eliminates Dust

The polished concrete process transforms the surface of a concrete slab from a dusty substrate, to a high-luster impervious finish, that won't wear down from industrial traffic.

Extreme Durability

Polished concrete utilizes the chemical compounds of the concrete slab, by introducing a reactive substance that hardens the concrete, improving its durability and strength.

No Coatings Required

Polished concrete is a coating free installation, requiring less maintenance, offering more reflection and durability than standard floor coating-systems.