Blasting & Cleaning: no matter what it is...we can clean it

The Best Paint Job Starts With A Clean Surface.

At PennCoat, Inc. we have a process to remove your surface contaminate or failed coating. We take into consideration the substrate, conditions and desired result before starting any project. Our team will then implement a method that is suitable to achieve the surface profile and cleaning specification that will insure proper adhesion of the coating system.

Blasting & Cleaning services include:

Abrasive Blasting

Dry coal slag media used for removing coatings from steel surfaces and achieving a specified surface profile.

Torbo Blasting

Wet slurry media used for removing coatings from steel and concrete. Very low emissions create cost savings due to minimal containment requirements.

Sponge Jetting

Sponge media impregnated with aluminum oxide. Effective for removing paint and dirt with minimal damage to the surface.

Walnut & Corn Cob Blasting

Soft media used to remove dirt and soot from surface achieving a clean surface without the profile.

Shot Blasting

Steel shot self-contained unit that effectively removes dirt and gum buildup on floors, creating an aggressive surface profile.